We believe in the principles of sustainable business and most importantly those that help the environment. One of the advantages over conventional liquid painting is that powder coating is kind to the environment.

  • No air pollution. Over sprayed powder is recoverable and no powder need escape into the atmosphere.
  • Environmental cleanliness. There is no costly wastage of solvents, which at application viscosity, constitutes up to 70% of conventional liquid paints. These solvents which volatise during application and stoving, are usually not recoverable.
  • No effluent disposal problems. With liquid paints, water wash spray booths are commonly employed. The overspray is usually emulsified in the water, which is either put directly to drain or allowed to settle out in sludge tanks. Powders do not give rise to these problems – no harmful residues go down drains.
  • Reduced fire risk. Powders are solvent free, which reduces fire risks.