Rainbow Powder Coaters Auckland

Rainbow Powder Coaters (2011) Ltd specialises in the following industries:

  • Building
  • Architecture
  • Marine
  • Infrastructure
  • Construction

Powders are applied to both metal and non-metal surfaces of decorative and functional products. These include

  • Commercial: industrial componentry coating
  • Architectural: window and door-frames, hinges, panelling, bus shelters
  • Anti-corrosion: hand rails, garden furniture, items destined for a marine environment,
    architectural items that need weather protection
  • Office furniture: desks, filing cabinets, book cases, computer equipment, security equipment
  • Electrical: cabinets, components, cable trays, lamp housings, light shades
  • Fence panels, gates
  • Roof flashings, gutter brackets
  • Outdoor shelter extrusion

What Size Can We Powder Coat?

We can easily powder coat items up to six metres long. Our powder coating equipment include a large conveyor oven and batch oven for which odd-sized or bulky items are ideal. We can offer large and small production runs, i.e. door hinges and screws to football goal posts.

Three areas of particular specialisation at Rainbow Powder Coaters are:
  • Industrial
  • Architectural
  • Marine powder coating